crazy faith venture: bethel trip

19 Jun

john 15:7 if you remain in me and my words remain in you ask whatever you wish and it’ll be given you

thank you, jackie pullinger, for inspiring me to take this faith trip.

wednesday: a few weeks before, i had bought a $73 plane ticket from LA to SF with the $74 credit received from last year’s date change from IHOP to LA. also, i had bought a train ticket from SFO to redding, not knowing how i’d get from the train station to bethel church (no car). once i arrived at SFO, i got in contact with a friend’s friend who offered to pick me up from the redding train station at 3AM (what would’ve happened if i hadn’t talked to him ?)

thursday: i got to the alabaster prayer house at bethel at around 4-5AM. i had no place to sleep for the night, no transportation, no way to get from redding to the bay area (where a friend was going to drive down to LA the next friday)

later that day, the friend’s friend (a complete stranger btw) booked me a room at his college dormitory – which was only 2 miles away from the church! the office made an exception for me bc of him..they usually don’t make same-day guest room reservations. i decided to stay till monday, and the 4 nights cost $80. i had bout $81.50 in my bank about $1.50 left.

friday: the sky was dark after the evening service, so i asked this random lady to drop me off. and i found out that she was part of sozo, the inner healing ministry at bethel. she suggested that i make an appt on monday.

saturday: while i was walking back from bethel to my dorm in the afternoon, a car full of azns stopped and offered me a ride. while driving to my dorm, we found out that we were all korean and exchanged numbers.

sunday: God showed me that he’s the God who takes me a step at a time

monday: i was planning to leave redding to the bay area that day, but the sozo ministry gave me an appointment for thursday. soo i decided to stay…even though i had no place to sleep, no money, no food (i used all my cash to buy books instead of food). God provided though – there was a tree full of nectarines by my dorm room (haha, my QT that day was 1 kings 17 – the ravens fed elijah lol). that night, i had to decide whether to contact my parents/brother for $, to sleep over my guy friend’s place, or…just cry out to God. haha. i chose the latter. somehow, he reminded me of the koreans who’d picked me up, so i got in touch with them 🙂

tuesday: i wasn’t allowed to stay at the dorms anymore. the koreans picked me up and took me to their home (we were all strangers, get this) but they fed, housed, and drove me to bethel church and my sozo appt until i had to leave a few days later. i felt so loved by them ❤ they took me to the largest sundial in the world too! and they hav an awesome printing business at redding:

thursday: i decided to spend the night at the alabster prayer room…and encountered a suicidal, drugged, gay man who mooned me. and i was by myself. at 3AM. @@

friday: the korean dad dropped me off at the bay area. i so happened to arrive at the weekend when he had to drive from redding to SF for work!


special thanks to: elaine, becca, tim jon (and kim), beam& hannah unnie, sam& rosie, nikki, james, and sophia!


a note to self

29 Dec

dear self

praise God for the meet-up with Tiff yesterday! yes, you’ve experienced much these past 10 weeks and witnessed the move of the Holy Spirit. But the same God in Kenya, in Kansas City, is the same God in Los Angeles, in your home, in your apartment. He’s the same Holy Spirit moving people’s hearts, answering prayers, etc. But like Tiff said, these are NOT an end to themselves. They all point to Jesus Christ, whether it’s ministry or Bibel Study groups or activity of the Holy Spirit and His gifts – they all demonstrate Jesus Christ. You may have seen the visible power, but it takes greater faith to love Him, walk in His ways, and hold fast to Him when those are NOT seen (recall Hebrews 11:1).

THEREFORE, be fascinated with Jesus Christ, the God-man who came to this earth to die for you and now sits at the right hand of God, who brought Him back to life b/c of His obedience (death could not hold Him!). Look forward to His coming, as your citizenship is in Him, and stand firm (Phil 2). Even when you see the signs and wonders, miracles and visions and dreams, bring them to prayer and see CHRIST, who reveals the Father. Put on the full armor, repeated twice in Eph 6, and behold CHRIST. Let all things point to Him. Befriend Him, know Him, set your heart, soul, mind and strength on Jesus.

And all the people said, AMEN. Maranatha!

-Victoria Kim

last post: REAP KENYA

16 Dec

before i post my reap, i wanted to write down some martin luther quotes (the german priest who instigated the reformation)

– One should praise women, whether it be true or false.

– If God has no sense of humor, I don’t want to go to Heaven.

– A happy fart never comes from a miserable ass.

– Reason is the biggest obstacle to belief.

LOL, i think i like this guy haha~



– the Lord’s faithful to His promise: matt 6:33

– chai tea and mangoes. hands down. lol

– my team mates who all wanted to see a prayer room established in kitale. and we did! even after our team left to go back to the States, the next morning the local believers (young adults, brothers and sisters in the Lord) kept the prayer room going! they went to the prayer room the next morning, sang songs to the Lord and did worship with the Word in guitar/keyboard, and continued the corporate intercession. this was the point of our trip, to establish a sustaining house of prayer in the nations, and God answered our prayers! thank you everyone for your support and encouragements! now there’s a place in kitale where people can go and do devotionals indiv and come together in a public  place to worship and pray corporately as one body 🙂

– the outpouring of the Holy Spirit thru dreams and visions, healings, revelations, etc to our team

– the local believers, especially those part of a ministry called Youth Apart (check out their website here). they believe God is raising up the young generation to be His mighty vessels, sons and daughters who prophecy, and ambassadors to be sent out to the rest of the African continent

– the other foreigners in kitale. most of them were there to volunteer at orphanages, teach in schools, work with the local churches, etc. it was awesome to meet people from all over the world – canada, netherlands, germany – who dedicated their lives to shine as Christ’s light in the nations

– kenya is a culturally christian nation, meaning that many people go to church. however, whether they’re born again is another matter. there’s a great need for discipleship as there are as many church-going christians on sunday mornings. the culture really reminded me of korea, actually, in a sense that christianity seemed almost a social aspect of society. it was also unique to see chinese people there! most of the workers were part of the construction of roads. also interesting was to witness the encroaching of islam – i saw at least 5 mosques in the city of nairobi. pray for the church in kenya to contend!

– personally, God showed me that He doesn’t care about what i do – my DOING – but He cares about who i am – my BEING (also said by jaeson ma in “blueprint”). this revelation changed my world. before i’d always focused on ministry, in discipleship and bible studies, but now i’m placing my focus on HIM and Him alone ❤ And He’s proven faithful. he’s strengthened me with power thru his Holy Spirit in my inner being, and now Christ dwells in my heart even more with the increase of faith.

– prayer works. period. meditate on the Word. read it out loud (faith comes by hearing). sing it.


– the 4 hours in the prayer room every day except Wed and Sun: this was def the best part of the trip! and we provided a place for people to come and just be with the Lord

– praying for people in the streets, slums, hospitals – and seeing the healings, the Holy Spirit’s work and power. i’ll never forget the drunkard’s changed countenance after the baptism in the pool of water, the guy who gave us his cigarettes while our team prayed for him, and the spiritual atmospheres shifting just by singing worship songs

– the outreaches to Garissa, Turkana, and Nakuru

– the Spirit falling on me during a Benedict Fast for a few days in Kakuma – that was amazing! it was during the time of repentance, when i was on my knees, and i literally could not move for the longest time…people had to come and help me sit in a chair

– praying at the gates on Tuesday nights with the team and the local believers

– the Holy Spirit during times of secret prayer – i’d feel waves of heat over my body, sweat broke out, i’d see visions, etc

– intro to the prophetic ministry

– an all night prayer meeting where we stayed up till 5AM (never thought i’d make it lol)


God is so good. He’s poured out his spirit of revelation this season and  i experienced the power of prayer. he also lifted my eyes to Him and His activity all around the world! God is the greatest visionary lol. before, i’d been content with the ‘normal’ course of life: working, marrying, getting old. now, those goals have become second place – I want to participate and witness what He’s doing in the nations! truly America is deprived – people need to go out there and see what the Holy Spirit is doing. i don’t look down upon His work here; i definitely want to visit the old revival spots, like azusa in LA, and visit Bethel in Norcal and Morning Star in the East Coast. God just opened my eyes to a whole new realm, and i want to know Him in these new areas, especially the prophetic, and experience Him more through prayer and fasting (A LIFESTYLE OF FASTING CHANGED MY LIFE). This trip was truly amazing. God gave me the desire to know Him. Thank you Jesus! thanks everyone for your support and prayers! God’s grace bless your spirit

REAP nakuru children’s crusade

15 Dec

eunice, a national gospel singer in kenya, invited me and a dutch friend almarah to attend a 3-day youth camp with her in a town called nakuru. it was awesome! she sang the songs during the time but almarah and i supported her in prayer. we felt like aaron and hur holding up the hands of moses for battle!


– the german missionary family running this youth camp was such a blessing ❤ every night they’d have an evening devo, where they’d sing a song and then read a psalm and finish with family prayers. i just felt the presence of the Lord so strong that tears came to my eyes. i love the song when our team (eunice, almarah, and i) joined them one night – “the battle belongs to the Lord”  i felt so much peace and joy..and i could sense that this family placed their hope in the second coming of Christ and looked forward to their heavenly home with God. what an encouragement!

– this pentecostal movement is not just an IHOP value. when we prayed for this girl sick in bed at the camp, martin (the german leader) started praying in tongues when we laid hands on her for healing. also, amazingly enough this modern day pentecostalism began in LOS ANGELES with the azusa street revival! I’M DEF GOING TO VISIT! YESS! yes, i’ve jumped on the charismatic band wagon 🙂

– movies we watched: pilgrim’s progress (by bunyan) and martin luther. the pilgrim’s progress reminded me of the book Dreamgiver by bruce wilkinson


– visit to the equator! yes!

– one day i ate way too many beans…and i had to go to the bathroom on the +30 min ride back to the house after the camp was done. seriously my stomach was lurching the whole time and i was so afraid that i’d have an ‘accident’ in the family’s vehicle. but praise God! the Spirit in me kept quoting scripture – and i especially held unto colossians 1 17 “…and in him all things hold together” lol we had good laughs about it the next morning~

– there were around 250 attendees (ages from 13 to 30) at the camp, and the cost was 600 shillings (around 6 dollars) but martin said that this year the number of attendees was less because the cost was too high. yet these 250 people sacrificed the cost (about a week’s worth of $) to attend this camp…this gave me perspective on conferences, retreats, etc in the USA. this youth camp consisted of teachings and songs but…the people were hungry for God. it was definitely a diff feel and atmosphere from the ones i’ve attended in the USA

other movies/docs i’d recommend: Fireproof and Finger of God and Furious Love and Nefarious (supposed to be very graphic! be warned)



29 Nov

evangelized today with zoe and eunice (a girl from China and a national kenyan singer)! we met a girl at her home, esther, who has holding a baby in her arms. she said she was born again, and she asked us to pray for her financial situation, for God to provide finances. but after i prayed, zoe felt the Lord say that she’s depressed from her marriage, and when she mentioned that, esther invited us into her home. while we were praying for her, i saw this picture/vision of a green snake (a symbol of witchcraft). a few minutes later eunice prayed against witch craft in the house! later on she told me that she got a feeling of a snake in her spirit too! so cool the Lord spoke to both of us – to pray against the spirit of witch craft in the home and invited the presence of Jesus. anyway, as we were praying for her and while i laid my hand on her knee, i felt my hands go warm~ zoe and eunice taught her how to sing the Word 🙂 and esther did! and we also sang a kenyan worship song…and her face changed so much! she had been so sad before and now she was smiling when we left 😀 praise the Lord!

power of prayer: while zoe, eunice and i were praying for esther, tears started welling up in her eyes~ and she recommitted her life to the Lord!!

two weeks!

28 Nov

today our team taught a class of Kenyans the last of the “7 Commitments of a Forerunner” (pray daily, fast weekly, live holy, give extravagantly, speak boldly, do justly, lead diligently) by Mike Bickle and Brian Kim. i realized that the Lord brought me to season of preparation, like Jesus in the desert before he started his ministry, and equipped me so i don’t backslide again in LA. these 7 commitments have been the practical lifestyle in sustaining my walk with Jesus, who doesn’t want my activities/outreaches/ministry events but want me instead to just sit at his feet and gaze on him (ps 27:4)

i can’t believe i have less than two weeks until i go home! it’s going to go by so fast: uganda team’s visit, zoe and i in kitale, and then the children’s crusade in nakuru. and then home! but i’ve come to realize that it’s not necessarily about what i’m doing  but who i’m with. thank you, Jesus, for always being with me!


– the  long hours of prayer rewarded by encounters of the Holy Spirit

– revelations of the Spirit about my childhood and identity

– singing the Word 🙂

NOTE to self: read the journals to remember the Lord’s faithfulness to you!

garissa outreach

23 Nov

we went on an outreach out of kitale in attempt to get into Dadaab and arrived to Garissa, the closest town to the refugee camp, which was an eye opening experience; there were large vultures sitting in the trees at the outskirts of the town, women and men wore traditional muslim garbs (women were covered from head to toe except the slit for their eyes), and muslim mosques stood scattered throughout the area. this was a place where muslims bombed a local church of believers. anyway, our leaders drove that night to the camp while our team stayed in garissa, but the police made them leave the next morning because of the danger (they arrested a terrorist spy earlier who came pretending to be a christian minister) – so our team couldn’t get in.

we then stayed in nairobi for two days…and i got robbed and hurt the first night. lol laughing about it as i look back on it now, but at the time it was scary. my friend and i ate dinner at a food court in the mall (we prayed for a chinese lady there) and we walked back to the hotel in the rain in the dark. we crossed the street, and all of a sudden i felt a tug on my purse, and i turned around, and i’m started screaming as this guy and i were doing tug of war over my purse. i realized i was getting robbed so i released it and fell to the ground, jamming my finger and bruising my foot and arm in the process. (praise God there were no broken bones, no head injury, no kidnapping for ransom, no knife attack, etc etc.) anyway, i looked up from the ground and i saw my friend chasing after the guy! screaming in chinese! lol funny as i think back upon it now~ anyway, my first robbery in the nations! i never saw the robber but my friend said he was a teenge kid~ pray for his salvation!

the Lord has definitely showed me the prophetic ministry side, especially with dreams and visions, signs and wonders. like for instance, the day before we left to kitale, i slept in that morning and dreamed. i had a dream that i was walking in the mud to kitale, and i looked up to my left to see a floating TV next to me. it was the nairobi national news, with the news anchor talking about dadaab…and a muslim guy in a purple robe side-hugging the anchor. he said that there was a flood going on in somalia (or dadaab, forgot which), and a picture showed up of a truck stuck on the side of the road because of the muddy ground. the rain in the dadaab camp caused confusion and chaos. thus, the new incoming somali refugees were being considered to be sent to a refugee camp in ethiopia. that was the dream. i had no idea that there was a flood going on in somalia – i thought there was only a drought! and i didn’t know that the refugees were getting shipped to ethiopia! woke up with the question: is ethiopia christian? pray for them!!

dreams and visions are real in the activity of the Holy Spirit:  jacob’s ladder at bethel, daniel with the angel and the end times, joseph’s dreams of his brothers bowing down in the future, samuel with visions of the Lord calling his name, solomon’s convo with the Lord in a dream, and even pontius pilate’s wife who tried to stop pilate from crucifying  jesus. God still uses dreams to speak, and i’ve experienced that first i dreamed of my team mates, who had dreams that matched my dreams.

job 33:14-18

14 For God does speak—now one way, now another—
though no one perceives it.
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
when deep sleep falls on people
as they slumber in their beds,
16 he may speak in their ears
and terrify them with warnings,
17 to turn them from wrongdoing
and keep them from pride,
18 to preserve them from the pit,
their lives from perishing by the sword.[b]