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back to Jerusalem

28 Aug

Post-college has been…eye-opening.

I realized that I BARELY scratched the surface of knowing the Gospel..and funny enough, I’m still searching and trying to understand Christ’s death and resurrection. I wish I sought God more in college and read more books…rather than focusing so much on my future or what I was going to eat @@;; Haha…anyway, I highly recommend “Death by Love: Letters from the Cross” by Mark Driscoll.

The Lord has been…opening my eyes to what He’s doing around the world. Jesus is coming soon and I want to be a part of his redemptive plan for the nations. Matthew 24:14. “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” The promise the coming of the Son of Man has been gradually dawning on me…and a lot of my problems and future ambitions (grad school, career plans, marriage) seem so…petty! especially considering what the Lord is doing on a global and world-wide scale.

For instance, the Back to Jerusalem movement has rocked my world. Read a brief summary about it here! Basically the Lord is moving the Chinese believers to move across China toward the Muslim nations, bringing the good news all the way to Jerusalem, where it had started and where it will end. The Chinese believers MEMORIZE THE BIBLE in their prep for prison and persecution and martyrdom. THAT is the seriousness of the Gospel.

Through the weeks I’ve been learning about the convergence of missions + prayer. They go together! One of the speakers came to tell us about a pastor in Korea who prayed 8 HOURS A DAY. That’s a full-time job!! But he said was that prayer was his work, and his work was his food. crazy paradigm shift~! When asked how many hours we should pray daily, the speaker said that…1 hour of prayer couldn’t take you through the spiritual attacks, 2 hours helped you go through the day, 4 hours was enough for ministry..but 8 hours of prayer shook the nation. WHOA.

So yeah, learning through classes but also going to the Lord’s presence through prayer + fasting, worship + praise. There is so much power in worship! You can watch what goes in the prayer room here.

Please pray for me to understand the cross more in depth and seek Him like silver, like hidden treasure (Proverbs 2)

OH yeah. And to read about the ACTS Program, here’s the link:

Here’s some more books for recommended reading:



21 Aug

The Lord’s been faithful in providing $ for the ACTS program as well as the plane ticket to go overseas to do His work. Nevertheless He’s told me to believe for more, especially to leave $ for the believers in the nations of Kenya, Thailand and Uganda, and for personal expenses. Anyway, one night right when I was going to bed, the Lord highlighted a name – let’s call this person John. So I dialed John, who told me that the Lord’s been putting on his heart to tithe to missionaries! talk about God’s timing! lol!

Right now I’m assigned to go to Kenya in Africa: strengthening the church there, establishing a prayer house, and spreading the Gospel. The schedule is 1-2 hours of QT/worship and the rest of the day outreach.

Please pray for the situation in East Africa! As famine and war have struck Somalia, millions of refugees are trekking through the hot desert and dangerous grounds to reach the camps for food and shelter. Read about it here& pray! Pray for Jesus to powerfully encounter them and God’s name glorified in those camps!

YAY pics :)

19 Aug

me& alanna..chief of chiefs LOL


Kerre~ the one who taught me how to make boba milk 😉


Praise Report!

19 Aug

WOW. God provided over $25,000 for our team in 24 HOURS! and there’s MORE $$ coming in~! Today was the deadline to buy plane tickets…and everyone was able to make the purchase! The extra $ that people had got distributed to those who didn’t have enough (like the early church in Acts where everyone shared possessions with others!) Praise the Lord!

“Missions exist because worship doesn’t” – John Piper

18 Aug

Helloo 🙂

Sooo. I’m in Kansas City/Missouri right now with IHOP (International House of Prayer).

Here’s a picture of us! Around 30 of us going to Kenya, Uganda, or Thailand from October 2 to December 10, 2011 (so no grad school for me!)

We’ll be partnering with God in spreading the Gospel, worshipping Him and evangelizing door-to-door. We’ll strengthen the existing churches there and build local houses of prayer. Pray for God’s name to be glorified in the countries!

Tonight a lot of people are staying up making calls, sending texts, and emailing to raise $$ for tuition + plane tickets. The payment for plane tickets are due TOMORROW. It’s cool to see how we’re coming in unity together to wrestle in prayer for one another; even when some have raised enough $ we’re still laboring for others who haven’t reached the cost of the plane ticket ($2000). YET.Right now we’re around $60,000 short as a team, but we’re looking forward to hear the amazing testimony of how God pulls through! If God has put in your heart to give, the direct link is:

Otherwise my PayPal account is

P.S. I learned how to make the boba milk! From a Caucasian friend from Virginia Beach lol! Recipe: hot water, black tea bag, honey, half& half/vanilla creamer, and cinammon! SOO GOOD 😀


18 Aug

Dear friends and family!

Hope you’ve been well 🙂

After graduating from UCLA this past June, I went to IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City for a short program called Luke 18: Summer Leadership Program. I had questions about my faith: What does it mean to be Christian – to follow Christ? Why did God save me? Did I just accept my parents’ faith as is? No. He showed me through the weeks that saved me for His own sake, because He wanted to enjoy me. Ephesians 2:4-5 says: But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved).

God has shown me that a Christian is invited to the intimate relationship He has with Jesus, and this cost His Son’s life. John 3: 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. This means that as every person has a God-size hole in the heart, only He can satisfy and fulfill that hole. People, money and success cannot fill it, and that is why you may feel emptiness, hopelessness, disappointment, guilt or fear. But there’s good news! God promises that whoever calls out to Him will be saved! I have personally experienced freedom and purpose in my life, and I wish to share this with you! My personal testimony is on my Facebook Notes if you’d like to read it!

After Luke 18, I entered a 6-month training program through IHOP called the ACTS (Antioch Center for Training and Sending) where I have experienced the love of Jesus through prayer and worship. Right now, as I am learning more about the relationship with Him, I am preparing to go overseas to share the good news of Him. So far, to do this, I have said no to graduate school as well as a high-paying part time job at UCLA; I trust that God will provide finances; I can’t eat delicious food (I really miss LA Korean BBQ); I am trusting Him for a job for me when I go back home. Why am I doing this? Because Jesus is worth it.

For the next three months I will pray and worship God at Kansas City. Then from October to December, I’ll be going  to Thailand or Africa to glorify Christ in the nations. I invite you to partner with me in the Lord’s work in building prayer houses, strengthening the local church, and evangelizing. If you’d like to become a financial partner with the Lord, you can make a direct deposit here – all the payments will go overseas. If you’d like to assist with personal expenses, my PayPal account is or you can send checks to ℅ Tiffany Chen, 550 Veteran Ave #301, Los Angeles, CA 91739. Thanks! Click here for the link to my blog during this season. I look forward to letting you know what God is doing! Pray for His name to be worshipped!


Victoria Kim