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23 Sep

Leaving in less than two weeks, on October 2 🙂 The other two teams are going to Uganda and Thailand~ I’ll be going to Kenya 🙂

We’ll be working with the local missionaries there, and they have a set schedule for us – pretty much it looks like this:

morning: Prayer Room (QT, prayer, intercession)

afternoon: ministry activities, visiting the Esther Home (pregnant teen mothers and  orphanage), discipleship

evening: hanging out with students, family time

in the weekends we’ll be evangelizing in schools…we’re praying the Lord will save 3000 through the preaching of the Word and sharing of the gospel! also for a week or so we’ll be visiting a refugee camp where the Somolians are staying…pray for the Lord’s grace and boldness from the Holy Spirit to speak words of truth, heal the sick, and ask for signs and miracles~!


reading: We Would See Jesus by Roy and Revel Hession

Soon to read: Prayer by EM Bounds



kitale, kenya

8 Sep



we’ll be in Kitale in Kenya from October 2 to December 10!Pray for us!

ACTS + prayer

5 Sep

to read more about the ACTS program, the website is

here’s a brief description

How ACTS Works

The Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS) is a unique training program designed to equip young leaders to serve as cross-cultural intercessory missionaries who plant prayer furnaces in the hardest and darkest places of the earth. Students will be trained to lead from the place of prayer and worship as they pursue the presence of God and are challenged with the possibilities of impacting the nations. With a high premium on keeping the First and Great Commandment as their priority, students will be prepared and mobilized for the Great Commission.

ACTS begins with a six-month training program that is designed to impart the vision, values, and understanding of what it means to be an intercessory missionary in the context of a vibrant worship-based prayer furnace.


Read more about the program on the website if you’re interested in applying!



personally, for me, please pray for financial breakthrough! holding unto matt 6: 33

if the Lord is leading you to give, my paypal is

intercession model

4 Sep

QTs have been awesome! the Lord’s been giving fresh revelations + love for the Word…seriously it is pure (psalm 119)

Lately the Lord’s been putting various people in my prayers: parents, friends, unbeliever friends, etc. He showed me Exodus 32 as a model for intercession. Basically, in this chapter, the Israelites are caught worshipping the golden calf, and Moses stands in the gap for them and intercedes on their behalf. I’ve been using his prayer as an example to intercede for others (Ex 32:11-13)

1. Questions: Moses asks why the Lord is angry at His people, whom He’s called His first born son. Through questioning, he also reminds the Lord of His glory. This part of the prayer is based on God’s characteristics, events, circumstances,etc (vs 11-12a)

2. Pleads: “turn from Your fierce wrath and relent from this harm to Your people” (vs 12b). Moses is almost like stopping the Lord, almost demanding Him, trusting in His goodness.

3. Reminds: Moses then reminds the the Lord of His past faithfulness to His people along with the promises the Lord made to them (vs 13).

Awesome intercession- as seen in verse 14, it worked! “So the Lord relented from the harm which He said He would do to His people.” This showed me…how God hears the voice of one righteous person, and that one person can make such a huge difference in a nation! And how much Moses knew God’s heart and made such an impact that the Lord listened! How much the Lord hears our voices and cares for us!! Every prayer matters; prayer truly moves His heart ❤

Prayer request: peace about going to Kenya from October 2 to December 10~