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29 Nov

evangelized today with zoe and eunice (a girl from China and a national kenyan singer)! we met a girl at her home, esther, who has holding a baby in her arms. she said she was born again, and she asked us to pray for her financial situation, for God to provide finances. but after i prayed, zoe felt the Lord say that she’s depressed from her marriage, and when she mentioned that, esther invited us into her home. while we were praying for her, i saw this picture/vision of a green snake (a symbol of witchcraft). a few minutes later eunice prayed against witch craft in the house! later on she told me that she got a feeling of a snake in her spirit too! so cool the Lord spoke to both of us – to pray against the spirit of witch craft in the home and invited the presence of Jesus. anyway, as we were praying for her and while i laid my hand on her knee, i felt my hands go warm~ zoe and eunice taught her how to sing the Word 🙂 and esther did! and we also sang a kenyan worship song…and her face changed so much! she had been so sad before and now she was smiling when we left 😀 praise the Lord!

power of prayer: while zoe, eunice and i were praying for esther, tears started welling up in her eyes~ and she recommitted her life to the Lord!!


two weeks!

28 Nov

today our team taught a class of Kenyans the last of the “7 Commitments of a Forerunner” (pray daily, fast weekly, live holy, give extravagantly, speak boldly, do justly, lead diligently) by Mike Bickle and Brian Kim. i realized that the Lord brought me to season of preparation, like Jesus in the desert before he started his ministry, and equipped me so i don’t backslide again in LA. these 7 commitments have been the practical lifestyle in sustaining my walk with Jesus, who doesn’t want my activities/outreaches/ministry events but want me instead to just sit at his feet and gaze on him (ps 27:4)

i can’t believe i have less than two weeks until i go home! it’s going to go by so fast: uganda team’s visit, zoe and i in kitale, and then the children’s crusade in nakuru. and then home! but i’ve come to realize that it’s not necessarily about what i’m doing  but who i’m with. thank you, Jesus, for always being with me!


– the  long hours of prayer rewarded by encounters of the Holy Spirit

– revelations of the Spirit about my childhood and identity

– singing the Word 🙂

NOTE to self: read the journals to remember the Lord’s faithfulness to you!

garissa outreach

23 Nov

we went on an outreach out of kitale in attempt to get into Dadaab and arrived to Garissa, the closest town to the refugee camp, which was an eye opening experience; there were large vultures sitting in the trees at the outskirts of the town, women and men wore traditional muslim garbs (women were covered from head to toe except the slit for their eyes), and muslim mosques stood scattered throughout the area. this was a place where muslims bombed a local church of believers. anyway, our leaders drove that night to the camp while our team stayed in garissa, but the police made them leave the next morning because of the danger (they arrested a terrorist spy earlier who came pretending to be a christian minister) – so our team couldn’t get in.

we then stayed in nairobi for two days…and i got robbed and hurt the first night. lol laughing about it as i look back on it now, but at the time it was scary. my friend and i ate dinner at a food court in the mall (we prayed for a chinese lady there) and we walked back to the hotel in the rain in the dark. we crossed the street, and all of a sudden i felt a tug on my purse, and i turned around, and i’m started screaming as this guy and i were doing tug of war over my purse. i realized i was getting robbed so i released it and fell to the ground, jamming my finger and bruising my foot and arm in the process. (praise God there were no broken bones, no head injury, no kidnapping for ransom, no knife attack, etc etc.) anyway, i looked up from the ground and i saw my friend chasing after the guy! screaming in chinese! lol funny as i think back upon it now~ anyway, my first robbery in the nations! i never saw the robber but my friend said he was a teenge kid~ pray for his salvation!

the Lord has definitely showed me the prophetic ministry side, especially with dreams and visions, signs and wonders. like for instance, the day before we left to kitale, i slept in that morning and dreamed. i had a dream that i was walking in the mud to kitale, and i looked up to my left to see a floating TV next to me. it was the nairobi national news, with the news anchor talking about dadaab…and a muslim guy in a purple robe side-hugging the anchor. he said that there was a flood going on in somalia (or dadaab, forgot which), and a picture showed up of a truck stuck on the side of the road because of the muddy ground. the rain in the dadaab camp caused confusion and chaos. thus, the new incoming somali refugees were being considered to be sent to a refugee camp in ethiopia. that was the dream. i had no idea that there was a flood going on in somalia – i thought there was only a drought! and i didn’t know that the refugees were getting shipped to ethiopia! woke up with the question: is ethiopia christian? pray for them!!

dreams and visions are real in the activity of the Holy Spirit:  jacob’s ladder at bethel, daniel with the angel and the end times, joseph’s dreams of his brothers bowing down in the future, samuel with visions of the Lord calling his name, solomon’s convo with the Lord in a dream, and even pontius pilate’s wife who tried to stop pilate from crucifying  jesus. God still uses dreams to speak, and i’ve experienced that first i dreamed of my team mates, who had dreams that matched my dreams.

job 33:14-18

14 For God does speak—now one way, now another—
though no one perceives it.
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
when deep sleep falls on people
as they slumber in their beds,
16 he may speak in their ears
and terrify them with warnings,
17 to turn them from wrongdoing
and keep them from pride,
18 to preserve them from the pit,
their lives from perishing by the sword.[b]




kakuma& esther home pics!

13 Nov



12 Nov

“be holy for i am holy” – 1 peter

“our citizenship is in heaven” – philippians

“holy” means “set apart” and literally i’ve been doing that by spending my free time in solitude, prayer, meditation,and reading (saying no to food, movies, hanging out, going to town, etc etc). as there’s a month left here in kenya, i’m worried that i’ll get comfortable in the culture again and satisfy my heart with friends and food when i go back to LA…

the Lord’s showing me the practical way of sustaining the walk with Him, our relationship: PRAYER (with worship in the background). and not just a few minutes here and there (although they’re impo) but seeking Him daily which means spending time with Him in huge chunks during the day. and as i’ve been doing that here, i’ve experienced the fruit of the Holy Spirit! at times i’ve received revelations, wept and cried, been pressed by the Spirit, and got warm by His heat~

here’s some books i’ve been enjoying:

A Day in Kenya

1 Nov

Morning: Prayer Room

– personal devotion for 2 hours and then group intercession for 2 hours. prayed for the poor and needy in kenya…without knowing that we’d be going to the slums later on to evangelize! YESSSSS 🙂

Afternoon: Evangelism

– the Lord led our EV team of 4 to a Christian home in the slums…He gave specific verses for each family member (all girls)

–  i also saw how the water system works in the area…we stood at a cliff and then walked down these long, rocky steps (which could segregate certain groups from making a trip) to the bottom of the valley where there was an underground pipe sticking out of the side of a rock with no handle or on/off switch. it was just a short pipe with water pouring out into a small pool. 100 families use this for washing/cleaning/rinsing/drinking, and sometimes, the water doesn’t run when it’s dry season. we saw women standing around doing laundry, and people were coming from all over with buckets to bring back water to their homes (who knows how long and how far they’ve walked?)

the Lord is definitely moving my heart towards land development + water. and it’s cool because i’ve seen the water pumps in turkana (nehemiah construction), kitale (pipes sticking out of the ground), and now the slum area. it’s like the Lord is showing me the first-hand experience of urban planning before i go study it in the academic field. always keeping in mind that Jesus Christ is the true living water that gives life!


–  on the way back home, our EV team prayed for a random guy walking on the road…and while we were praying for him and his family, i felt my left foot go warm. i was confused, but then my team mate told me later that it might’ve been the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray for the guy’s left foot…or maybe his family member needed prayer for a left foot. i’m definitely learning more about the Holy Spirit and the prophetic during this time 🙂

–  another guy actually stopped and stood near us, telling us that he felt the Lord led him to us. he confessed he had problems with alcohol which disrupted his relationship with his wife and his kids. after being led into the repentance prayer, he took out his cigarettes to throw them away! as our team continued to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, i felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting me to baptize him with my bottled water…except i didn’t. i was confused and not sure if it was from the Lord. but after talking to my team mates, i realized that it was DEFINITELY the Holy Spirit telling me to take action. He highlighted a verse, and it was like something firm in the gut. i’m glad the Holy Spirit lives inside me (Galatians 4:6, 1 Corinthians 3:16) and also my team mates to confirm His leading into obedience.

Evening: Church prayer meeting

– prayed at a local church located at the city gate (this was the same church where a few weeks ago gun shots whizzed by us right outside the tent walls). prayed for Christ to be exalted in Kitale and break through with the Holy Spirit. freedom for drug addictions, prostitutions, etc. it was the fastest 2 hour prayer meeting of my life! so awesome!

Sidenote: back to LA…

i’m learning so much here…with living out the sermon on the mount in this community, days of fasting, revelations and encounters of the Holy Spirit, dreams and visions, spiritual warfare, prophetic words, passages from the Word coming alive through music + worship, solitude and prayer.  growing to be led by the Spirit, walk by the Spirit, and bear fruit of the Spirit. PTL 🙂  but as much as the Lord’s teaching me through this IHOP program, He is leading me back to LA…sooooo i bought my ticket to CA for Dec 13th 🙂