two weeks!

28 Nov

today our team taught a class of Kenyans the last of the “7 Commitments of a Forerunner” (pray daily, fast weekly, live holy, give extravagantly, speak boldly, do justly, lead diligently) by Mike Bickle and Brian Kim. i realized that the Lord brought me to season of preparation, like Jesus in the desert before he started his ministry, and equipped me so i don’t backslide again in LA. these 7 commitments have been the practical lifestyle in sustaining my walk with Jesus, who doesn’t want my activities/outreaches/ministry events but want me instead to just sit at his feet and gaze on him (ps 27:4)

i can’t believe i have less than two weeks until i go home! it’s going to go by so fast: uganda team’s visit, zoe and i in kitale, and then the children’s crusade in nakuru. and then home! but i’ve come to realize that it’s not necessarily about what i’m doing  but who i’m with. thank you, Jesus, for always being with me!


– the  long hours of prayer rewarded by encounters of the Holy Spirit

– revelations of the Spirit about my childhood and identity

– singing the Word 🙂

NOTE to self: read the journals to remember the Lord’s faithfulness to you!


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