29 Nov

evangelized today with zoe and eunice (a girl from China and a national kenyan singer)! we met a girl at her home, esther, who has holding a baby in her arms. she said she was born again, and she asked us to pray for her financial situation, for God to provide finances. but after i prayed, zoe felt the Lord say that she’s depressed from her marriage, and when she mentioned that, esther invited us into her home. while we were praying for her, i saw this picture/vision of a green snake (a symbol of witchcraft). a few minutes later eunice prayed against witch craft in the house! later on she told me that she got a feeling of a snake in her spirit too! so cool the Lord spoke to both of us – to pray against the spirit of witch craft in the home and invited the presence of Jesus. anyway, as we were praying for her and while i laid my hand on her knee, i felt my hands go warm~ zoe and eunice taught her how to sing the Word 🙂 and esther did! and we also sang a kenyan worship song…and her face changed so much! she had been so sad before and now she was smiling when we left 😀 praise the Lord!

power of prayer: while zoe, eunice and i were praying for esther, tears started welling up in her eyes~ and she recommitted her life to the Lord!!


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