REAP nakuru children’s crusade

15 Dec

eunice, a national gospel singer in kenya, invited me and a dutch friend almarah to attend a 3-day youth camp with her in a town called nakuru. it was awesome! she sang the songs during the time but almarah and i supported her in prayer. we felt like aaron and hur holding up the hands of moses for battle!


– the german missionary family running this youth camp was such a blessing ❤ every night they’d have an evening devo, where they’d sing a song and then read a psalm and finish with family prayers. i just felt the presence of the Lord so strong that tears came to my eyes. i love the song when our team (eunice, almarah, and i) joined them one night – “the battle belongs to the Lord”  i felt so much peace and joy..and i could sense that this family placed their hope in the second coming of Christ and looked forward to their heavenly home with God. what an encouragement!

– this pentecostal movement is not just an IHOP value. when we prayed for this girl sick in bed at the camp, martin (the german leader) started praying in tongues when we laid hands on her for healing. also, amazingly enough this modern day pentecostalism began in LOS ANGELES with the azusa street revival! I’M DEF GOING TO VISIT! YESS! yes, i’ve jumped on the charismatic band wagon 🙂

– movies we watched: pilgrim’s progress (by bunyan) and martin luther. the pilgrim’s progress reminded me of the book Dreamgiver by bruce wilkinson


– visit to the equator! yes!

– one day i ate way too many beans…and i had to go to the bathroom on the +30 min ride back to the house after the camp was done. seriously my stomach was lurching the whole time and i was so afraid that i’d have an ‘accident’ in the family’s vehicle. but praise God! the Spirit in me kept quoting scripture – and i especially held unto colossians 1 17 “…and in him all things hold together” lol we had good laughs about it the next morning~

– there were around 250 attendees (ages from 13 to 30) at the camp, and the cost was 600 shillings (around 6 dollars) but martin said that this year the number of attendees was less because the cost was too high. yet these 250 people sacrificed the cost (about a week’s worth of $) to attend this camp…this gave me perspective on conferences, retreats, etc in the USA. this youth camp consisted of teachings and songs but…the people were hungry for God. it was definitely a diff feel and atmosphere from the ones i’ve attended in the USA

other movies/docs i’d recommend: Fireproof and Finger of God and Furious Love and Nefarious (supposed to be very graphic! be warned)



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