a note to self

29 Dec

dear self

praise God for the meet-up with Tiff yesterday! yes, you’ve experienced much these past 10 weeks and witnessed the move of the Holy Spirit. But the same God in Kenya, in Kansas City, is the same God in Los Angeles, in your home, in your apartment. He’s the same Holy Spirit moving people’s hearts, answering prayers, etc. But like Tiff said, these are NOT an end to themselves. They all point to Jesus Christ, whether it’s ministry or Bibel Study groups or activity of the Holy Spirit and His gifts – they all demonstrate Jesus Christ. You may have seen the visible power, but it takes greater faith to love Him, walk in His ways, and hold fast to Him when those are NOT seen (recall Hebrews 11:1).

THEREFORE, be fascinated with Jesus Christ, the God-man who came to this earth to die for you and now sits at the right hand of God, who brought Him back to life b/c of His obedience (death could not hold Him!). Look forward to His coming, as your citizenship is in Him, and stand firm (Phil 2). Even when you see the signs and wonders, miracles and visions and dreams, bring them to prayer and see CHRIST, who reveals the Father. Put on the full armor, repeated twice in Eph 6, and behold CHRIST. Let all things point to Him. Befriend Him, know Him, set your heart, soul, mind and strength on Jesus.

And all the people said, AMEN. Maranatha!

-Victoria Kim


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