crazy faith venture: bethel trip

19 Jun

john 15:7 if you remain in me and my words remain in you ask whatever you wish and it’ll be given you

thank you, jackie pullinger, for inspiring me to take this faith trip.

wednesday: a few weeks before, i had bought a $73 plane ticket from LA to SF with the $74 credit received from last year’s date change from IHOP to LA. also, i had bought a train ticket from SFO to redding, not knowing how i’d get from the train station to bethel church (no car). once i arrived at SFO, i got in contact with a friend’s friend who offered to pick me up from the redding train station at 3AM (what would’ve happened if i hadn’t talked to him ?)

thursday: i got to the alabaster prayer house at bethel at around 4-5AM. i had no place to sleep for the night, no transportation, no way to get from redding to the bay area (where a friend was going to drive down to LA the next friday)

later that day, the friend’s friend (a complete stranger btw) booked me a room at his college dormitory – which was only 2 miles away from the church! the office made an exception for me bc of him..they usually don’t make same-day guest room reservations. i decided to stay till monday, and the 4 nights cost $80. i had bout $81.50 in my bank about $1.50 left.

friday: the sky was dark after the evening service, so i asked this random lady to drop me off. and i found out that she was part of sozo, the inner healing ministry at bethel. she suggested that i make an appt on monday.

saturday: while i was walking back from bethel to my dorm in the afternoon, a car full of azns stopped and offered me a ride. while driving to my dorm, we found out that we were all korean and exchanged numbers.

sunday: God showed me that he’s the God who takes me a step at a time

monday: i was planning to leave redding to the bay area that day, but the sozo ministry gave me an appointment for thursday. soo i decided to stay…even though i had no place to sleep, no money, no food (i used all my cash to buy books instead of food). God provided though – there was a tree full of nectarines by my dorm room (haha, my QT that day was 1 kings 17 – the ravens fed elijah lol). that night, i had to decide whether to contact my parents/brother for $, to sleep over my guy friend’s place, or…just cry out to God. haha. i chose the latter. somehow, he reminded me of the koreans who’d picked me up, so i got in touch with them 🙂

tuesday: i wasn’t allowed to stay at the dorms anymore. the koreans picked me up and took me to their home (we were all strangers, get this) but they fed, housed, and drove me to bethel church and my sozo appt until i had to leave a few days later. i felt so loved by them ❤ they took me to the largest sundial in the world too! and they hav an awesome printing business at redding:

thursday: i decided to spend the night at the alabster prayer room…and encountered a suicidal, drugged, gay man who mooned me. and i was by myself. at 3AM. @@

friday: the korean dad dropped me off at the bay area. i so happened to arrive at the weekend when he had to drive from redding to SF for work!


special thanks to: elaine, becca, tim jon (and kim), beam& hannah unnie, sam& rosie, nikki, james, and sophia!


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